Determines natural diamonds from synthetics and simulants

Loose polished stones can be tested in the 0.05 - 10cts size range. The sample is placed table down on the fibre optic probe and the test button is pressed.

All synthetics, simulants and around 2 % of natural diamonds (TypeII and IaB) will refer for further tests. These stones can then be tested on the DiamondView.

For stones in mounted jewellery, the sample dish can be removed to release the fibre optic probe,

and can be tested using the ‘Auto-detect’ feature. Around 98% of stones will pass and will require no further testing.

DiamondSure is approximately 17cm in width, 26cm in diameter, 10cm height.


Used in our labs to ensure the integrity of all diamonds that pass through our facilities.

Instrument Features

  • IEC mains supply lead (suitable for destination country)
  • Quick start guide
  • Instruction and user manual
  • Error diagnostic guide
  • Spare lamps
  • Compact, protective and handy carry case
  • Spare fibre optic cable Cotton gloves/Tools (for lamp removal)
  • 1 year parts/service warranty

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you test jewellery with the Diamondsure?

The latest version of the instrument comes with a detachable probe.  As long as the probe is in good contact with the stone alone, and not any surrounding metal, then a measurement can be made.


This message appears if the calibration arm is not in place during start up or the factory calibration data doesn’t match the field data. Ensure the calibration arm is in place and press left hand button again.

Why does the message “Room lights. Please move instrument” appear when I make a measurement?

The DiamondSure makes a measurement of the light returned from the diamond under test and can detect the presence of strong overhead lighting. Either move the DiamondSure away from direct overhead lighting or move the light source if possible.

Can I replace the lamp with any tungsten halogen lamp that fits?

No. Replacement lamps must be purchased from the instrument manufacturer.

I have followed the lamp alignment procedure detailed in the manual and the ‘I’ on the second line of the display lies significantly left of centre. Is the instrument performance impaired and does the instrument need to be returned for servicing?

The instrument performance may not necessarily be impaired. The unit should only be returned for servicing if the referral rate for natural diamonds is noticeably high or the unit fails to initialise.

The referral rate for natural stones is noticeably high. What can I do?

Check the fibre tip is not below the white plastic disc (if it is then adjust height). Replace lamp and re-align. Replace fibre. Return to manufacturer if previous actions do not remedy the problem.

Which inserts should I use with the detachable probe?

The detachable probe can be used to measure stones mounted in jewellery. For stones up to 0.3 carats an insert is not generally needed. The smallest insert is suitable for stones up to 0.5 carats, the next size insert is suitable for stones up to 1 carat, the next size insert is suitable for stones up to 2 carat and the largest insert is suitable for stones up to 4 carats.

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Instrument Support

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