This instrument has the capability to separate out some synthetic categories and will refer some irradiated diamonds.

It is designed to make a measurement with the sample immersed in liquid nitrogen, therefore is only suitable for loose stones. The instrument makes a laser-excited photoluminescence measurement and will return an automatic pass or refer result.

The instrument will refer HPHT Type II diamonds and a percentage of untreated natural Type II diamonds. Any stones which are referred would require further testing in a lab environment,

using more sensitive, low temperature photoluminescence equipment. The DiamondPlus performs best on high colour Type II diamonds and the referral rate may increase as the strength of the brown colour increases.

DiamondPlus is approximately 15cm in width, 26cm in diameter and 10cm in height.

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  • Technology

    Size range: 0.05ct - 10.00ct - Designed to detect HPHT treated diamonds - Requires liquid nitrogen


State of the art technology, detecting HPHT treated stones.

Instrument Features

  • Compact, protective and handy carry case
  • IEC mains supply lead (for destination country)
  • 2 sample holders
  • 3 sample holder pins
  • Pair of tweezers
  • 1 year parts/service warranty

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use the DiamondPLus without liquid nitrogen?

The DiamondPLus requires the liquid nitrogen to sufficiently cool the sample down so that any features present in the PL spectrum are sharpened and therefore more easily analysed.

This instrument is ideally suited in a laboratory environment

Why does the message “NO DIAMOND DETECTED” appear when measuring a known diamond?

This message may be displayed if the table of the diamond under test is not in contact with the fibre optic probe. Ensure the stone is securely attached to the holder before immersion in the liquid nitrogen.

When measuring large diamonds the first measurement often gives a “REFER” result. Why is this?

It can sometimes take a few seconds for large stones to reach the correct temperature. Try to wait a few seconds after immersion before making a measurement.

What is the significance of the numbers displayed below the “PASS” and “REFER” results?

The numbers relate to the properties of the features within the photoluminescence spectrum recorded by DiamondPLus.

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