Automated Melee
Testing (AMS)

The AMS instrument is a spectrometer based system for automatically screening potential synthetics and simulants. The instrument is controlled by a computer using proprietary software.

Stones placed in a hopper are automatically fed to a fibre optic probe connected to two spectrometers are used to record spectra. Depending on the result the stones are then dispensed into one of four result bins.

Around 98% of colourless and near colourless stones will pass and require no further examination.

The AMS will refer for further tests all synthetics and simulants and around 2% of natural diamonds. These referred stones can then be looked at on the DiamondView.

The AMS instrument measures approximately 42cm deep, 26 cm wide and 23cm high. The machine can be located in any type of environmentally controlled facility. The instrument is supplied with a company computer which controls it.

Automated Melee Screening (AMS)

The worlds most future-proofed machine for screening 0.01ct – 0.20ct diamonds backed by years of research and development by our diamond experts.

Instrument Features

  • AMS device
  • Computer
  • External power supply
  • USB cable
  • Firewire 800 to Firewire 400 cable
  • Mains lead for AMS power supply and computer (suitable for destination country)
  • Spares: 4 spare lamps, 1 pair of gloves, 1 Hex key, 1 pair of foam rollers, 1 lamp heat filter
  • User manual
  • Quick reference sheet Legislative leaflet for computer Transit case and foam transit lock for arm Full parts/service warranty as part of an annual contract annual contract

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Instrument Support

For Support on IIDGR instrument issues follow the link below.