Table and Girdle Inscriptions

Table inscription is a proprietary technology, unique to De Beers. The discreet, proven approach, applies a minuscule inscription to the table of the diamond, visible only at greater than 10x magnification. Table inscription is a major step forward in grading security, offering far greater certainty that a graded diamond is as identified in the associated report and is exclusive to IIDGR.

For ease of identification we also offer to laser inscribe a unique identification number on the girdle of the diamond. 

Our Grading Services


Grading Reports

A comprehensive study of a diamond’s carat weight, colour, clarity and cut with an accurate and to scale plotted diagram.


Diamond Sealing

International Institute of Diamond Grading and Research is proud to provide a sealing service on request.



Every diamond we asses recieves either our official Diamond Grading Report or a more concise Diamond Identification Report.