Diamond Grading and Identification Reports

We offer two types of Diamond Grading and Identification reports:

  • A comprehensive study of a diamond’s carat weight, colour, clarity and cut with an accurate and to scale plotted diagram.
  • A concise study of diamond Carat weight, colour, clarity and cut available for unset, natural diamonds with a carat weight between 0.10 and 1.99 cts.

Downloadable PDF versions are available below.

Fees and Standards

The International Institute of Diamond Grading & Research's grading standards, fees and procedures are available for you to download for free below. These will give you a comprehensive overview of our grading services, the charges and the procedures on how to submit diamonds to one of global laboratories.

Our Grading Services


Table and Girdle Inscriptions

Table inscription is a proprietary technology, unique to De Beers. The discreet, proven approach, applies a miniscule inscription to the table of
the diamond, visible only at greater than 10x magnification.


Diamond Sealing

The International Institute of Diamond Grading & Research is now running a Melee Testing Service specifically set up to support the global diamond industry in the trading of melee category diamonds.



Every diamond we assess receives either our official Diamond Grading Report or a more concise Diamond Identification Report.