IIDGR Diamond Foundation Course

In recent years, the pace of change in the diamond industry has accelerated rapidly. For professionals in a sector that experienced such little change for such an extended period, understanding how to respond to this evolving environment can be challenging. 

Whether it’s the breadth of competition from other luxury goods, challenges from within the industry such as the increased focus on synthetic diamond products, or downstream issues relating to the changing retail landscape – with the internet age leading to consumers having much greater access to diamond grading and pricing information – it’s undeniable that selling the ‘diamond dream’ is more complex than it has ever been.

IIDGR has therefore established a new Diamond Foundation Course to provide valuable context to the key issues affecting the sector and to help aspiring diamond industry professionals maximise their potential.

The course extends participants’ understanding beyond the 4Cs and draw on insights from across the spectrum of the entire diamond pipeline to help release the wonder and excitement that only comes from a diamond jewellery purchase.

Diamond Foundation Course

Watch this video to understand more about the IIDGR Diamond Foundation Course

Course Format

This entry level course is designed for those new to the diamond sector and who require an induction to this prestigious industry, but would also be beneficial as a pipeline overview course for those who may already have gemmological experience, but require a wider range of sector knowledge than they currently possess. The course will enhance the expertise of retail store associates when selling these rare and precious gifts of nature. 

With our bespoke online web-based platform, we are able to present the information in an interactive, exciting, creative and secure way. This enables our students to move beyond more traditional e-learning techniques and enjoy a unique learning experience, with the freedom and flexibility to study at a time that best suits each student’s individual needs.

Following completion of the IIDGR Diamond Foundation Course, students will receive their certificate of completion from De Beers and have the opportunity to supplement their learning with practical application during an optional one day laboratory class.

Course Details

We give students a maximum of 4 months to complete the online course, but it can be completed in as little as 1 week if time is available (i.e. for company induction purposes). 

Course Fees

  • Diamond Foundation Course - $350 (discounts available for Sightholders, existing Forevermark or IIDGR customers and bulk purchasers) 
  • Supplementary Lab Class (optional) - Price is dependent on the lab class location, or whether we run a bespoke in house version for you.

For availability and details, contact education@iidgr.com