IIDGR Education Services

More than 125 years of experience as a leader in the diamond sector have given De Beers Group a uniquely deep insight into all aspects of a fascinating but complex industry.
In 2008, we established the International Institute of Diamond Grading and Research (IIDGR) so that we could share the benefit of our expertise and experience, and offer greater levels of confidence to the diamond trade.
IIDGR has rapidly established itself as a vitally important service provider, bolstering trade and consumer confidence through the provision of diamond grading and testing services, as well as cutting edge screening and verification instruments. We are now proud to extend our service further with the introduction of our new IIDGR Education Services.
With De Beers Group’s unrivalled breadth of activity across the diamond value chain, we are able to provide students with an expert view on all the most important subjects in the sector.
Teaching methods range from course to course. Some are laboratory based, whilst others are administered via distance learning. Others employ a blend of both approaches, focused on delivering the optimal learning experience to our students. But whatever the format, all courses have been designed to minimise the impact on the
working time of busy industry professionals, while maximising the development potential.
In today’s competitive retail climate, continuous professional development is increasingly important to remain at the leading edge. We at IIDGR are perfectly placed to provide you and your people with the knowledge and skills you need to thrive in the world of diamonds, and we hope to see you soon on one of our courses.

Coming Soon

IIDGR Diamond Foundation Course

The IIDGR Diamond Foundation Course extends participants’ understanding beyond the 4Cs and draw on insights from across the spectrum of the entire diamond pipeline to help release the wonder and excitement that only comes from a diamond jewellery purchase.

Launching September 2017

Diamond Foundation Course

Watch this video to understand more about the IIDGR Diamond Foundation Course

IIDGR Synthetic Diamond Detection Course

Students on the IIDGR Synthetic Diamond Detection Course will
learn techniques for identification in both the rough and polished diamond
state. Our experts will build students’ confidence in using both visual
appearance for detection, as well as instrumentation for more challenging
cases. T
his is a hands on course offering vital education for anyone in a client facing role.


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