IIDGR Education Services

For decades De Beers has conducted internal education on a variety of topics using its unrivalled experience across all aspects of the Diamond Pipeline.

We have brought together some of the Company’s best educational course offerings, and added Education to the current list of services provided by IIDGR.

Teaching methods range from course to course. Some are laboratory based, whilst others are administered via distance learning – or a blend of both approaches, designed to give the best learning experience to our students.

Coming Soon

IIDGR Diamond Foundation Course

The IIDGR Diamond Foundation Course extends participants’ understanding beyond the 4Cs and draw on insights from across the spectrum of the entire diamond pipeline to help release the wonder and excitement that only comes from a diamond jewellery purchase.

Launching September 2017

IIDGR Synthetic Diamond Detection Course

Students on the IIDGR Synthetic Diamond Detection Course will
learn techniques for identification in both the rough and polished diamond
state. Our experts will build students’ confidence in using both visual
appearance for detection, as well as instrumentation for more challenging
cases. T
his is a hands on course offering vital education for anyone in a client facing role.


Download Course Leaflets

Follow the links to download a copy of the course leaflets.